Mision and Vision


Our mission:

BarcelonArt of Travel © is the first travel agency with unique destinations outside of the classical tours and places and experiences according to the tastes and desires of each traveler.

Thematic, unusual, emerging destinations … any place that requires a trip with special planning, BarcelonArt of Travel ©, puts it at your fingertips.

Barcelona and Catalonia and, by extension in the South of France, we offer high quality tourist services with professional guides, not only to guarantee that the visitor’s expectations are met, but also to anticipate their wishes, taking into account the new technologies through the application of digital supports that help the final consumer to communicate their “travel planning” or roadmap more easily.

Our vision:

Accessible for all publics that want to experience outside the established routes. The vision of BarcelonArt of Travel © is to offer a tailored service for Cultural Tourism, Wine, Nature … sustainable and carried out with the help of a professional expert in tourism services, being indigenous to the chosen area, offers the best quality taking advantage of its location, contributing to improve all those local businesses that personalize their services and free from globalization.

BarcelonArt of Travel © is also an SRC agency.

Our aim is to reconcile the work life balance

Our agency transmits values ​​to clients and suppliers, who cannot remain oblivious to the promotion of equal opportunities between men and women. This is established by laws such as LO 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective equality of women and men. We hire people, regardless of their race, sex or religion.


We are committed to the Environment:

On the one hand, to conscience the client is facilitated in several languages, a decalogue of good manners and respect for the environment known as Environmental-Friendly:

Collect the garbage that is generated during the journey in recyclable bags for use that will be provided by the company; recommend that glass bottles are not used in the routes, but if they were recycled separately … are some examples.

On the other hand, when carrying out alternative routes to the usual physical load capacity perceived in the environment is lower, which helps to boost rural areas, by contracting services in rural farms and typical local restaurants. Thus, by distributing tourism in several areas, the damage to the environment is reduced.

Our Project and Objectives:

BarcelonArt of Travel © is in a process of constant improvement. Our future projects are, among others:

Organization and Management Area. We can highlight that through a well-done segmentation, we can achieve a good market share, since knowing the customer’s needs in advance, we can satisfy them and increase, if possible, their expectations in the service offered.

One of the objectives is, not only to get new clients but also to gain the loyalty of existing clients. We want to ensure that our clients are keen to repeat their experience with us, talk about us and so word of mouth will spread and organically reach new potential clients.

Another objective is to offer a quality service with different and exclusive routes, with the help of local guides. Routes that ordinary tours aren’t doing and are impossible to do by yourself.

To this end, expert guides, winemakers, sustainable transport companies that hire drivers and quality personnel are hired, which through a route prepared by BarcelonArt of travel © and previous negotiations with suppliers, will achieve the maximum objective of this company: “Premium customer satisfaction”.

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